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1:35 JGSDF KPz Typ 90 m.Lademann.(7)
1:35 JGSDF KPz Typ 90 m.Lademann.(7)

1:35 JGSDF KPz Typ 90 m.Lademann.(7)

  • Artikelnummer: 300035260
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Art.Nr.: 300035260
Art.bezeichnung: 1:35 JGSDF KPz Typ 90 m.Lademann.(7)

In 1996, Tamiya"s 1/35 scale Japan Self Defense Force Type 90 tank (item 35208) was first released. 4 years later, the Type 90 w/ Mine Roller (item 35236) was released. In the year 2000 Tamiya recreated part of the Type 90"s automatic loading device, and added figures for a limited model for event purposes. Based on the popularity of this model Tamiya has decided to at last make this Type 90 Tank w/ Ammo-Loading Crew a full-fledged addition to the Military Miniature Series.

This set including a Type 90 tank and figures is ideal for making dioramas.

This set also features parts to represent the automatic ammo-loading system of the Type 90 tank, which can be assembled with great ease.

Five figures, 2 types of shells and shell cases are also part of the kit.