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Alu LW Halbkardan (2) 44mm blau
Alu LW Halbkardan (2) 44mm blau

Alu LW Halbkardan (2) 44mm blau

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Art.Nr.: 300054077
Art.bezeichnung: Alu LW Halbkardan (2) 44mm blau

Can be used for uprights with 1050 full ball bearing specifications. When the shafts are assembled, they enable a clean, smooth cornering as well as help in reducing speed loss. It is also possible to exchange these parts with those found in factory finished models, improving the cars performance.

Item Contents
•44mm lightweight blue Wheel Axles 2 pcs.

Can be used with the following chassis:
•TB-03, TA05, IFS-R: 53724, 51092 46mm Swing Shafts
•TRF416, TB Evo, 5MS: 54077, 54078 44mm Swing Shafts
•53500 Cross Joints for Assembly Universal Shaft Set