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M-05/06/MF Doppelkardanwelle (2) Stahl
M-05/06/MF Doppelkardanwelle (2) Stahl

M-05/06/MF Doppelkardanwelle (2) Stahl

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Art.Nr.: 300042300
Artikelbezeichnung: M-05/06/MF Doppelkardanwelle (2) Stahl

These are Double Cardan drive shafts, which were designed for and included with the M-05 Ver.II R chassis kit (Item 84424). They are available as a stand-alone Hop-Up Option for any of Tamiya's M-05 machines. They offer minimal deviation and give improved suspension feel.

•Drive Shaft x2
•Wheel Axle x2
•Joint Casing x2 (Item 42219)
•Parts from Cross Joint for Double Cardan Joint Shaft (Item 42221)
•Compatible with M-05, M-06, MF-01X and TA05 M-Four chassis cars.