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TT-02S Aufhängungsset vo./hi. Stahl
TT-02S Aufhängungsset vo./hi. Stahl

TT-02S Aufhängungsset vo./hi. Stahl

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Art.Nr.: 300054634
Art.bezeichnung: TT-02S Aufhängungsset vo./hi. Stahl

This handy set provides TT-02 Type-S chassis kit suspension mount parts to fit to the front and rear of the chassis. The racing-focused set gives new set-up options, and the suspension mounts now feature a new design compatible with rebound stoppers.

Contains Front & Rear Suspension Plates x1 each, Gearbox Joints x4, Front & Rear Suspension Shaft Adapters x1 each, plus spacers and flanged pipes.

- New front and rear plates are compatible with rebound stoppers (sold separately).
- Rear plate gives a setup with 3 degrees of toe-in for excellent stability.
- Suspension arms, uprights not included.
- Compatible with TT-02 Type-S chassis.
- Use with standard TT-02 chassis requires separately sold damper stays Item 54632 (Front) and Item 54633 (Rear), plus oil dampers (Item 42102, etc.).