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1:16 Leopard 2A6 Gun Barrel Stabilizer

1/16 RCT Gun Barrel Stabilize
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1:16 Tamiya Tank Battle System

Article number: 300053447 Product: 1:16 Tamiya Tank Battle System Tamiya is proud to release Battle System-a revolution in tank-to-tank fighting. This system incorporates infrared light and realistic sound, eliminating the difficulty in judging, often found with other tank-to-tank games. Furthermore, infrared light is totally harmless and prevents damage to details of the tank body. The system is comprised of the GFS (Gun Fire Simulator) Unit and the Infrared LED Unit, for the respective detection and emission of infrared beams. A wide range of sound effects and actions are reproduced with Battle System including: damage blast, engine trouble sound, loss of speed, blast reaction, limited operation state, and finally inoperative state. Battle System provides a maximum shooting range of 30m and can be easily installed to your tank even after assembly and painting. Battle System lets you bring out the true roar of your 1/16 RC Tank! Battle System (1/16 Tanks)
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Multifunction-Unit MFC-02 High Lift

Article number: 300053957 Product: Multifunction-Unit MFC-02 High Lift Released in 2006, the 1/10 R/C 4x4 3-Speed High-Lift has been exceptionally well-received by fans around the world. With the release of this new Multi-Function Unit, Tamiya kicks up the realism another notch with light, sound, and vibration effects all controllable via a 4-channel transmitter (sold separately) to make all the 3-Speed Highlifts even more impressive!!! Vibration Function Unit recreates rumble movements in conjunction with engine sounds. ESC enables realistic low-speed running. Speaker Unit not only emits the sound effects mentioned above, it also has an input terminal to allow connection with outside audio sources such as MP3 and CD players for music playback. 3 convenient modes of operation: R/C mode with Multi-Function effects off, R/C mode with Multi-Function effects on (4 varieties), and Demo Mode for static display with light and sound effects only (4 varieties). Detailed and user-friendly set-up guide and tutorials to assist users with proper operation of all the MFC-02 features (please see the next page for some preliminary sample diagrams). MF Control Unit MFC-02
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Tamiya ESC TEU-105BK BEC

Article number: 300045055 Product: Tamiya ESC TEU-105BK BEC The TEU-105BK is a forward and reverse running electronic speed controller featuring a high frequency wave drive system. The TEU-105BK is intended to operate the included 540 motor (27 Turns) found in most of Tamiya's assembly kits. The 105BK can handle up to a 25 Turn Tamiya Torque Tuned motor. The TEU-105BK is compatible with Lithium-Ion battery technologies, and includes a battery cut-off function to prevent over-discharging of the main battery pack. Alarm and LED warnings indicate no-signal status. Caution: Motors rated below 25 Turns are not meant to be used with the TEU-105BK and should not be used.
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Tamiya ESC TEU-106BK Twin Motor

Article number: 300045054 Product: Electronic Speed Controller TEU-106BK This is a compact forward/reverse electronic speed controller for twin-motor R/C models such as the Dual Hunter and Super Clod Buster. A single button allows easy setting of forward/reverse high points and neutral position. The reverse function can be disabled and the ESC features heat and over current protection functions with LED indicator. Compatible with Lithium-Ion battery technologies, and includes a battery cut-off function to prevent over-discharging. Alarm and LED warnings indicate no-signal status. The 106BK features an aluminum heat sink and built-in BEC. Caution: Motors rated below 25 Turns are not meant to be used with the TEU-105BK and should not be used.
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Tamiya TLU-01 LED-Light Unit

Article number: 300053909 Product: Tamiya TLU-01 LED-Light Unit This LED light unit can be used to light up as many as 16 individual LED lights(8 sets). Perfect for adding LED lights to your R/C models, improving realism and amazing your friends. Unit comes with 2 red and 2 white colored LED lights. Tamiya LED Light Unit (TLU-01)
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Tamiya TLU-02 Light Control Unit

Article number: 300053937 Product: Tamiya TLU-02 Light Control Unit The Tamiya LED Light Control Unit TLU-02 enables various light effects when used with separately available Tamiya LED lights and LED Light Unit (TLU-01). The unit enhances overall appearance and realism of your electric radio control touring car. A total of 16 sets (32 lights) of LED Lights can be lit up by connecting two TLU-01 units. Set-up is similar to an ESC, and is simple to understand even for beginners. *Requires transmitter, battery, TLU-01 unit and LED lights (not included). Main light effects *Select headlights, position and fog lights to reproduce realistic evening and night driving. *Brake, backup lights and blinkers can be activated according to transmitter operation. *Hazard lights flash after car stops. *Realistic passing lights. *Lights flash during acceleration. *Siren-like LED Lights. *Unidirectional flashing of 8 LED Lights. *Back and forth flashing of 8 LED Lights. Setup This article takes you through the TLU-02 setup. LED Light Control Unit TLU-02
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Tamiya TSU-05 Digital Servo (Drip proof)

Article number: 300045062 Product: Tamiya TSU-05 Digital Servo Tamiya is pleased to announce its first digital servo, which is also of the drip proof variety. Features a gold-colored heatsink. About the Item • Drip Proof Digital Servo x1 • Servo Horn x1 • Includes 2.6x8mm tapping screw.
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TBLE-02 Brushl.Electro Speed Contr. 02

Article number: 300045057 Product: TBLE-02 Brushl.Electro Speed Contr. 02 This ESC is especially designed for use with the TBLM series of Tamiya Brushless Motors (Sensored-Type, 10.5T, 12.5T, 14.5T, 16.5T). Brake and neutral brake settings can be adjusted independently, and it features 3 protection systems against overheating, overloading and low voltage. It is also compatible with brushed motors (Normal Type 540 and Sports-Tuned Motors 25 Turn or higher). Note: When using servos with a current exceeding 1.5A, BEC output may be shut down.
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TFU-01 ESC Cooling Fan Unit

Article number: 300045063 Product: TFU-01 ESC Cooling Fan Unit Overheating of the electronic speed controller (ESC) in R/C models eventually leads to the deployment of the heat protection function, which stops the model immediately. Attaching this cooling fan unit to your ESC will help to slow the overheating process and ensure not only longer running times but also allow a wider range of setting options that would otherwise be unavailable. As a thin unit, it takes up little space in the chassis of the model. Dimensions: 25 x 25 x 7mm Features an ergonomic hood-shape mount for attachment to the ESC. The fan's power cable can be inserted into an open port in the receiver. Attachment mount is compatible with TBLE-02S, TEU-104BK, TEU-105BK and TEU-106BK ESC units from Tamiya.
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  Warning! Not suitable for children under 14 years.
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TTG Steeringservo TSU-02

Article number: 300045034 Product: TTG Steeringservo TSU-02 • Servo unit designed for use with TamTech-Gear Series • Compact size allows perfect fit into chassis frame, while high torque motor provides sharp response. TSU-02 Servo (TamTech-Gear)
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