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1/16 Jagdpanther Lt (Display)

Article number: 300036210 Product: 1/16 Jagdpanther Lt (Display) This Large-Scale 1/16 model recreates a late production version of the Jagdpanther, the German tank destroyer which terrorized enemy armor during WWII with its powerful L/71 8.8cm gun. It was first assigned to units from June 1944 and saw action in Normandy, the Ardennes Offensive and the Eastern Front as Nazi German forces were worn down towards the end of the conflict. Specifications •1/16 scale plastic model assembly kit. Length: 605mm, width: 207mm, height: 167mm. •Note: This model is based upon the R/C kit (Item 56024). As such, it features a realistic suspension system that allows movement. •The Jagdpanther form depicts the sloped fighting compartment and massive 8.8cm main gun. •Features a tough duralumin chassis plus metal drive sprockets, idler wheels, suspension parts and more. •Includes durable pre-assembled wide resin tracks. •The 8.8cm gun features an aluminum barrel for superb realism. •Numerous photo-etched parts and 3 marking options included.
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1/16 M1A2 Abrams (Display)

Article number: 300036212 Product: 1/16 M1A2 Abrams (Display) This Large-Scale 1/16 model recreates the current stalwart of U.S. forces, the M1A2 Abrams. The M1 Abrams has been around since the early 1980s, receiving constant upgrades to ensure that it stays at the cutting edge of military technology. M1A2s were introduced from 1992 and developed as next generations of the tank, chock full of the front-line technology and bringing the M1 into the digital age. They featured depleted uranium armor, a modified commander’s cupola and more, and saw action in the conflict in Iraq in 2003. Specifications •1/16 scale plastic model assembly kit of the M1A2 Abrams. •The form of the M1A2 with its flat turret and hull armor is expertly recreated, complete with depictions of anti-slip surfaces. •Features a tough duralumin chassis. Metal parts recreate drive sprockets, idler wheels, suspension parts and more. •Includes durable pre-assembled resin double-pin tracks secured with metal pins and utilizing rubber pads. •The gun features an aluminum barrel for superb realism. •Photo-etched parts are used to recreate engine deck and turret rear basket.
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1/16 Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.J (Motor)

Article number: 300036211 Product: 1/16 Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.J (Motor) This 1/16 scale Big Tanks series motorized model kit recreates the J variant of the Pz.Kpfw. IV. It was the true workhorse of the German military in WWII, which proved to be a formidable foe to Allied troops. The simplified, defensively improved Ausf.J was one of the final Pz.Kpfw. IV variants, fighting through to the end of the war as the core of German tank units, along with the Panther and King Tiger.
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1:16 JGSDF Tank Figure Set

1:16 Figuren JGSDF Panzerbesatzung (2) This is a 1/16 scale figure set, which recreates servicemen from the Japan Ground Self Defense Force. The torso figure was originally included in Item 36209 Japan Ground Self Defense Force Type 10 Tank (Display Model), and is now joined by a full-body figure. This figure will prove very useful in the creation of dioramas with Tamiya's latest big scale tank model.
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1:16 Russian Field Commander

Article number: 300036314 Product: 1/16 Russian Field Commande
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1:16 WWII Wehrmacht Officer

Article number: 300036315 Product: 1/16 WWII Wehrmacht Officer This is a 1/16 scale World Figure Series line-up model kit of a WWII Wehrmacht Officer. The realistically reproduced officer figure may be posed with a glove in his right hand as well as a Walther P38 pistol holster around his waist. 2 kinds of right arm parts are included to enable different poses. Separate parts to depict the jacket's collar and decoration medals including the Knight's Cross give the figure impressive realism. The parts which depict the medals themselves feature a sharp and detailed finish.
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Kubelwagen European Campaign

Article number: 300036205 Product: Kubelwagen European Campaign About the Kubelwagen Type 82 The Kubelwagen was originally designed as a civilian vehicle, but after German militaristic expansion and mobilization in the late 1930's plans were soon made for a military version. After the poor performance of the Kubelwagen Type 62, an improved model designated Type 82 went into mass production in 1940. The Kubelwagen Type 82 featured a trustworthy 4-cylinder, horizontally opposed, air-cooled engine, capable of 23.5hp at 3000rpm and provided a top speed of 80km/h. Over 50,000 Kubelwagens were produced by the war's end. From the searing heat of the North African Front to the blistering cold of the Russian Front, the Kubelwagen Type 82 was used for reconnaissance and communications purposes. Kubelwagen Type 82 (European Campaign) Features •Kubelwagen Type 82 plastic assembly kit. •1/16 scale, Overall length: 242mm, Overall width: 100mm. •Equipped with standard tires. Strengthening pressed lines have been accurately reproduced. •All doors and engine access door can be assembled in opened or closed position. •Hood can be assembled in the up or down position. •Tires are made of real rubber and front wheels can be steered by moving steering wheel. •Kit replicates full set of accessories including fuel jerry cans and driver figure.
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Kubelwagen Type82 Africa Corps

Article number: 300036202 Product: 1:16 Kübelwagen Type 82 Afrika Korps Kubelwagen-Africa Version Because of its reliability and ease of repair, and since its engine did not require a coolant, the Kubelwagen proved particularly effective in North Africa. At the request of various divisions in North Africa for a vehicle suitable for the desert, a Continental balloon tire equipped version went into production from 1942. Two types of balloon tires, a grooved and an ungrooved version were used. Because the tires were wider than normal tires, a spacer to raise the height of a spare tire attachment was added to the hood of the car. Some of the balloon tire equipped Type 82 were even used in Italy after the fighting in North Africa stopped in May of 1943. About the model •1/16 scale plastic model construction kit •Overall length: 238mm, overall width: 103mm, overall height: 93mm •Precisely replicated balloon tire equipped Kubelwagen Type 82 - Africa version Instrument panel, seats and 4-wheel independent suspension system are also reproduced realistically. •All the doors and engine room cover can be modeled in either open or closed position. •The engine room shows mechanical equipment including air cleaner, 4 cylinder horizontally opposed air cooled engine and repair tools •Balloon tires are of semi-pneumatic rubber and front wheels are steerable. •Includes accessories such as jerry cans and canteen for drinking water, Rommel figure and a driver figure.
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1:16 German Field Commander

Article number: 300036313 Product: 1/16 German Field Commande
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