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Article number: 300056035 Product: 1:16 R/C JS-2 1944 w/Option Kit

The Russian Heavy Tank JS-2 was developed to overthrow the German Tiger I. The JS-2 was put into production in the latter half of WWII in December 1943 and had a long, powerful 122mm gun as well as superior mobility. From August 1944, modifications, including the removal of the hatch from the frontal armor, were carried out to result in greater defensive ability. The JS-2 produced in the Chelyabinsk Kirov factory (ChKZ) had a distinctive one-piece cast rounded front section. The JS-2 showed great strength in the frontline breakthrough but also in anti-tank battles, and greatly contributed to the victory at the end of the Great War.

About the Model

• This is a 1/16 R/C assembly kit.
• The imposing form of the JS-2 has been accurately
• Kit comes with DMD Control Unit (T-08) and DMD
   Multi-Function Unit (MF-07) to enable turret rotation,
   gun elevation/depression, and realistic sound and
   vibration actions at your fingertips.
• Exciting sound effects accompany engine operations,
   turret rotation, gun barrel elevation and depression.
• Metal parts such as lower hull, suspension arms, and
   drive sprockets ensure durability.
• Aluminum gun barrel enhances the model's realistic
   appearance. The gun barrel features recoil effects.
• Pre-assembled gearboxes with type 380 motors provide
   ample power for impressive performance.
• Requires stick-type 4-channel transmitter with self-neutral
   function (Futaba Attack T4VWD or Attack 4YWD-2.4G is
   recommended), battery pack charger, and batteries for transmitter.
• Install separately available Battle System (Item 53447) to
   enjoy 1 vs 1 or team tank battles with other Tamiya 1/16 R/C tanks.


Warning! Not suitable for children under 14 years.

1:16 RC R/C JS-2 1944 w/Option Kit

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